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Hello from Mark Camilleri and Carolyn Ridler!

We have jointly decided to try a new venture for the poultry, pigeon, waterfowl, rabbit, cavy, and all other avian species fanciers, and we are extending this invitation to you, so you can be a part of this great new Canadian publication�..“THE EXHIBITOR”�.which is a magazine for all fanciers whether he/she exhibits at large shows, small shows, club meets, fairs, or just chooses to love and observe their species in their own backyard!

We are taking a big leap of faith in starting this venture. We have even registered our name! We both feel that there is a big need for a publication of this type in our hobby and we would like the opportunity to fill that void. Apparently, a lot of you feel the same because before we even sent out this official announcement, we started getting excellent feedback. However, it still has to be financially sound.

The subscription rate for six issues within Canada, on a bi-monthly basis, will be $40.00 (+hst/gst from whatever province in which you reside ) and for our U.S. friends, the rate will be $55.00 U.S. funds. We are planning on having a trial period of one year on this basis and, if it is successful, will consider publishing monthly. Our target date for the first issue is September 1st, 2015. It will be printed professionally on good quality 8.5” x 11” (letter size) paper and will be in a magazine type format. If, we decide at any time that it is not a feasible venture financially, we will notify our subscribers and if you have a portion of your subscription fee or advertisement that has not been used, we will refund you accordingly. It will not be a magazine consisting of just advertisements�.yes, ads are very important to its success, but it will also contain things that you will enjoy � educational articles, news articles, youth articles (we hope!), articles from fanciers in our industry, health articles, etc. YOU will decide what it contains as we are relying on YOU to assist us. We already have committed enthusiasts who have volunteered to be a part of it, but we do need more. Interested? Then, get in touch with us. We would also like to add to the coverage birds that have not necessarily been included in the past like wild waterfowl, cage birds, and exotics.

Our advertising rates are as follows: e.g�..Who’s Who in the Fancy, Judges’ Directory, Breeders Directory, Associations and Clubs Directory: $5.00 per column inch (about 25-30 words per inch). The total would be $30.00 + your applicable hst/gst. All other general advertisements will be $5.00 per column inch in increments of 2. Taxes applicable. Would you like to see “yourself” or your birds in living colour�.we can do that for you too. Just inquire about pricing.

Would you like to cover one or two shows in your area, as our representative? If so, contact us with your idea. If shows are covered, we will print your major champions’ photos free of charge with limited reports on the actual show. However, we do expect some advertising in return from either the show, the club, or the individual exhibitors. $$ and The Exhibitor have to work hand in hand. We need fanciers who are willing to subscribe, but we also need advertisements from you, your club, your show, and companies who sell you products for your birds. Do you know of any such companies? Please forward this letter to them, or send us their contact information and we will get in touch with them.

We both have a passion for our hobby and we want to be the link from�.one fancier to another�from a club to its members�and possibly to new members�from businesses to their customers and future customers. We want to be a link to those who perhaps are not physically involved in the fancy now, but still want to know what’s going on. So, it is imperative that you send in your subscription now�.AS SOON AS that we will know if we are at least getting to first base on this project. Getting to second base, will be advertisements.

We are open to suggestions and ideas. However, as a note of good faith, we are asking that you send your subscription to Carolyn right away as she is looking after the financial/office part of The Exhibitor. Thank you in advance for helping YOUR hobby!


Remit to: Carolyn Ridler,
111096 11th Line,
East Garafraxa, Ontario, L9W 7A4

Office is open from 9:00a.m. to 8:00pm


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Mark Camilleri

Carolyn Ridler